Rustic Deco Incorporated Announces Plan for New Global Décor Store

Deco Shelf logo for unique decorations and collectibles

We are pleased to announce plans for launching the Deco Shelf e-commerce store for global online shoppers. Along with providing exclusive discounts to retail shoppers, this new e-commerce site will complement the company's store by providing parcel-sized decorations and collectibles to a global audience with discounted location-specific shipping rates, local language, and currency conversion. Initially, will deliver to customers throughout North America, including the United States, Canada, and Mexico; and by July 2022, the store will be available to all customers, globally. 

Consistent with the Rustic Deco brand, the Deco Shelf will offer a wide selection of unique designer décor, including premium-brand shelf and desktop decorations and gifts, vintage figurines, antique bookends, and a variety of Rustic Deco and Knox Deco exclusive and collectible uniquities. 

For individuals seeking uniqueness and quality as a means of expressing themselves, provides the ultimate online selection of furniture and décor. Rustic Deco® is committed to delivering nostalgia and timeless character for your home or business. 

Consistent with Rustic Deco’s exacting standards, the Deco Shelf is committed to providing customers with unique decorations, high quality, fast shipping, and superb customer service. Located at, the Deco Shelf e-commerce website is slated to go live April 4th, 2022.

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